The day I Died
Just Jack

Drag myself from my bed around 20 past 6
Get my kids up make breakfast 1 egg 2 toast 3 weetabix

And as I sit down I look up
And your standing in the doorway sun at your back
in my old brown dressing gown
Well no one can love you more than I love you now
but I

Gotta go running for the bus
Coat flying and i try not to miss it this time
But the drivers waiting and that's strange
Kids on the top deck quiet for a change
And theres no rain and no roadworks in the
Bus lane and all my hurts run away
And im smiling as I'm punching in

The day I died was the best day of my life (2x)
Tell my friends and my kids and my wife
everything will be alright
The day I died was the best day of my life

Secretaries they got a smile for me
and the in tray on my desks almost empty
I get a memo from executive joe
saying Rob the gob is getting kicked out
for embezzling funds from the company account
and i'd be lying if i said i wasn't chuffed
cos i always hated rob
and now they'll probably offer me robs old job

And in the park at lunch
Theres no whinos on my favorite bench
none of that drunk chatter none of that greasy stench
and the scrawney little pigeons with the gammy leg
decide to dive bomb someone elses sandwich instead

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